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Stop the Evictions

Stop Lambeth Council and Network Rail ripping the heart out of our community.

The independent shops and businesses in the railway arches in Atlantic Road and Station Road are at risk. Their Landlord, Network Rail, in partnership with Lambeth Council, propose to evict over 30 units in order to complete a facelift, estimated to take over a year. Once completed, tenants will face massive rent increases of around 300%, which in effect, will exclude them from the area Generations of these families have served the local community through thick and thin, for over eighty years.

Together with the market, they are at the heart of Brixton's long-established, diverse trading community. We want them to continue to provide our community with the goods and services that we rely on. We want to see that community continue to thrive in the future.
We are proud of the blending of different cultures and customs that has characterised our past and shaped our neighbourhood, One Brixton, Our Brixton.

We need to all stand up and make our voice heard together.
A petition has been started to call on Network rail to immediately stop the planned eviction of dozens of Brixton businesses from arches on Station Road and Atlantic Road.


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Save Brixton Arches: shops to close between noon and 2pm on Sat, 25th April


• FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) National Chairman John Allan

Following a walk around the area on Wednesday 25 February to meet the local small businesses and hear how they have been affected, the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) National Chairman John Allan said:


At a time of declining high streets, Brixton has become one of the most vibrant and busy in the country. This success is a result of the hard work and longstanding commitment of local businesses who have traded even through extreme challenges. We question why Network Rail would not want to do everything in its power to support these successful local businesses, and the unique nature of this part of London.


Network Rail is one of the largest small business landlords in the country. How it operates in London will be repeated in Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow. As a Government owned enterprise, it should set the standard for how other landlords behave.


We want to see Network rail taking a much more sensitive approach to this development, working closely with the community and businesses before going ahead with their plans. We also want them to commit to maintaining the character and diversity of businesses that has made Brixton the success it is today.  We would not want the area to be turned into yet another ‘clone town’ dominated by a few large brands.


- resistance is never futile -


What's the impact?

Research on Brixton business evictions and local community

As many of you know, businesses in Brixton's railway arches on Atlantic and Station Roads are facing eviction by Network Rail. There have been significant objections to this both by traders and the wider community. Over 20,000 people signing a petition in protest and crowds coming out to support the shops during the Reclaim Brixton weekend.

We are local residents who care about our community. We wanted to understand the issues and start collecting evidence about possible impact of Network Rail's plans. What would this mean for the traders and for our community as whole? Our research showed strong indications of highly negative consequences.This report [link] summarises our findings, makes recommendations, and calls for a full impact assessment before any decisions are made.

You can access the report by clicking this link [pdf]

Text only version available here [html]

We hope you find the report useful. Please forward it to anyone who might benefit from reading it, or who can influence the situation in some way. Neighbours, friends, local organisations, or your contacts in the media.

Please follow the campaign on its website, Twitter and Facebook to keep involved and engaged.

Let's hope that we can make a difference together.

Monica, Kristina, Tom, Bruno, Ray and Jenny

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Transparent Planning Process

As part of our campaign to Save Brixton Arches we are lobbying Lambeth Council to improve the transparency of their planning process.

Submission date for this part of our programme has now past!




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has brought together the artists who have put up work on many of the shutters.


'Progress, Inspire, Network and Succeed under your own terms. '




Potent Whisper

A multi-arts campaign that aims to discuss and respond to Brixton's fast changing identity
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